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Do you know the difference between a Hatchback and a sedan car?

Honda civic hatchback

The «hatchbacks» are compact vehicles with 2 volumes: cabin and engine plus a fifth door.

This door is located in the rear part and is the one that gives you access to the trunk or cargo space.

Recently, this class of cars has found great popularity and acceptance thanks to its unique characteristics, not only because of its style and design, but also has other characteristics that increase its efficiency in urban environments and medium-distance trips and day-to-day activities such as carrying the children to school, traveling with the family or simply as a means of transportation to your work in a comfortable way.

Did you know that these compact models have smaller format engines?

Honda civic hatchback motor

This particularity gives them greater efficiency by generating lower fuel costs. This, in the long term, will represent a greater saving of money that will benefit your family.

However, it is important that you know that, despite having smaller engines, a Hatchback has the capacity for rapid acceleration and great power.

You can even perform more abrupt maneuvers and turns, in addition to braking efficiently, giving you greater control at the wheel, due to its low weight and compact shape.

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