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The car turbo has become a mechanical element that, in recent years, has been installed in vehicles with smaller displacement engines. Therefore, it is a key piece that we must watch, especially at two specific moments of driving.

Car turbo

What is the turbo?

The basic operation of a turbo engine is simple: the gases generated by the engine are used to drive more power and increase the revolutions at which it works. Within this system is the  intercooler , which is nothing more than an element to cool those gases that come out hot from the engine.

Therefore, it is necessary to cool these gases to prevent the system from heating up, since hot air occupies more. Thus, by sending cold air to the engine with the turbo , it takes up less space and enters more.

Fixing turbo system

At the moment in which the turbo comes into operation, we must take into account a series of factors to extend the life of this part and prevent breakdowns :

1. In turbo equipped engines (most diesel cars and increasingly gasoline vehicles) it is increasingly important to start the vehicle properly, so that the  turbo is well lubricated . Keeping it idling for a couple of minutes may be enough.

2. On the other hand, when starting the march, especially in winter , the  revolutions of the car  should not be increased with the engine cold  (less than 80-90ºC). As long as your turbo-equipped car doesn’t reach that temperature, don’t force it unnecessarily or failures will appear within a period of no more than five years, in most cases.

3. The same happens when parking the car . It is essential to let the engine idle for a few minutes. Thus, the turbo cools and lubricates well, in addition to the fact that the  turbine itself will slow down . If not, in the long run, the turbo could be damaged.

Pay special attention if you have driven aggressively because if the turbo has been kept at high revs, it can overheat . And when the engine is turned off suddenly , it will continue to rotate due to its own inertia but without any type of lubrication (it uses the car’s own oil), so it will suffer friction and will last less.

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